Calculate your benefit for bicycle lease here!

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Leasing a bicycle is interesting for both the employer and the employee. Hellorider and its partners are able to set up a suitable bicycle plan for every employer. Would you like to get an estimate of what the costs will be? Calculate it below! We do not store the data.​

This calculator is based on the latest published tax information from the Ministry of Finance. The income tax year 2022 is used as the basis, Hellorider is not responsible for future changes in the tax system. This calculation is therefore indicative and may in some cases deviate from the final amount to be paid.

Calculator employee


VAT liable companyThe VAT is limited deductible. Your employer has often already taken this into account in the monthly employer’s contribution. Check this with your employer.
Employer pays the full amountThe employer pays the full monthly lease price, but not the addition.
Tax addition7% addition for the private benefit over the Recommended Retail Price (incl. VAT) per month. The addition is deducted here because it is purely added to calculate the tax. You do not actually receive more wages, but fictitiously more wages.
Leaseprice (all-in)Monthly lease price lease bike incl VAT, maintenance, insurance and breakdown assistance
Your monthly netto costsThis is the sum of the net addition and net monthly lease price including VAT
Take over the bike?With us you can optionally take over the bike
Total savingsYou save by leasing through your employer instead of purchasing the bicycle privately yourself. This is because you do not pay tax on the lease amount – the employer’s contribution. We call this the gross-net benefit.